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    Homework:  It's all in how one views it!

    Choose a Positive attitude!

    I am probably safe in assuming that there is no one on the face of the earth who loves or looks forward to ..... the dreaded..... you guessed it!    HOMEWORK!?!?    However, we must realize that for the student, homework is a fact of life.  It is important for many reasons including the fact that it enables students to practice, or have reinforced in the minds, concepts taught in the classroom. It assists students in recognizing areas in which they may require further assistance in mastering the content. Additionally, it provides a means for teachers to assess and measure the level of student understanding. There will be health homework requirements for students in third, fourth and fifth grades. 

    Every effort will be made to coordinate with the classroom teacher the amount of health homework assigned, so as not to overload students on any given evening. It should be noted here also that students are responsible for completing health assignments even in the event of their absence from health class, due to instrumental music lessons, illness, or for any other reason.

    Should you have any questions about your child's health homework assignments, please do not hesitate to contact me at 247-4660.