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Brasser PE

  • Physical Education Rocks


    We would like to welcome you to the physical education website. Our philosophy is to increase each students self esteem by providing activities that will allow the students to be successful. We try to encourage all students to have fun by providing activities that are safe and provide maximum participation. We encourage students to put forth their best effort while performing various skills and activities in class. We want to turn kids on to enjoying physical education so that they will be physically active throughout their lifetime.

    We hope you enjoy the site and come again soon to see what's happening in the Brasser Physical Education Program. 

    The Greater Rochester Health Foundation’s 5•2•1•0 Be A Healthy Hero initiative is an easy way to remember the steps your kids need to take every day to be healthy:

              Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables

            Spend no more than 2 hours watching TV, playing video games or surfing the net

            Get at least 1 hour of active play

            Drink 0 sugar-sweetened beverages 


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