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  • Neo Neo Neopets! (www.neopets.com)

    This website is made for you to have fun.You can make your own account on the website and it's FREE! You can:

    • send neomail
    • make neo friends from all over the world
    • talk and make your own board on the neoboards (it's like forums)
    • make your own neopet
    • buy stuff for your neopet
    • battle with other neopets in the Battle Dome
    • and much, much more!

    Mara Mara Marapets! (www.marapets.com)

    This website is almost the same as neopets but a little bit different.  This is also FREE and FUN!

    Free Webs!  (www.freewebs.com)

    Get your own website here!  This is also FREE!

    Have AIM but don't have a screenname for it?  (www.aim.com)

    Get a screenname here for AIM!  Absolutely FREE! 

    Do you know kirby?  Do you like kirby?  (www.kirbykirbykirby.com)

    Come here then!  It's fun and make an account!  Collect warpstars and buy stuff from the warpstore!  Free!  If you go to this web site, when you get to it click on the big picture of kirby and then you'll go to the real web.

    Want Adventure and Battle?  (www.battleon.com)

    Sign up and battle monsters, collect money, buy shields, armour, pets, and potions for your person, make a person to have them fight, and much more!  If you want to sign up, click on what size your screen is and get started.