Listening Post

  • A Special Volunteer Opportunity at the Middle School

    The Listening Post

    Gates Chili Middle School runs an intergenerational program called The Listening Post to provide our students with positive adult role models who are interested in young people and their learning.

    The Listening Post is a place to be heard and accepted.

    A safe place for unhurried conversation.

    A place to be heard without being judged.

    A place of friendship.

    A very casual place where much, much more than conversation grows.

    We invite you to spend some time with youth. We hold The Listening Post sessions twice yearly; during October/November and March/April for five weeks on Wednesdays. You will spend time talking to sixth, seventh and eighth grade students during their lunch periods (three different lunches between 10 am and 1 PM) while working on craft and service projects. Training and lunch during the sessions provided.

    If you are interested in this program, contact Ms. LaManna at 247-5050 x31114 or  and complete this enrollment form:

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