• We have been reading all about frogs!  We wrote a silly poem about frogs, made frog hats and then had fun saying it together.  To hear us say the poem for you just click at the bottom of this page, on the link at Related Files: Frogs - our class poem.

    Be sure to ask your favorite first grader to tell you which words in the poem are the VERBS !



    By the First Grade Students in Mrs. Mulgrew’s Class




    One frog jumps on a lily pad.

    Two frogs eat flies with their dad.


    Three frogs hop on a log.

    Four frogs croak in the fog.


    Five frogs swim in the fishy lake.

    Six frogs stop to see a snake.


    Seven frogs sit in the sticky mud.

    Eight frogs go away from the flood.


    Nine frogs have big green bumps.

    Ten frogs puff their sacs into lumps.


    Eleven frogs breathe in the pond.

    Twelve frogs stick out their tongues like wands.


    Thirteen frogs aim to catch a fly.

    Fourteen frogs chew a yummy fly pie.


    Fifteen frogs push stones and rocks.

    Sixteen frogs wear brand new socks.


    Seventeen frogs catch some zzzzs.

    Eighteen frogs sleep on their knees.


    November 2004



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