The Day the Earthworms Arrived


    Arrival of the Earthworms

    Our earthworms arrived on a day when Mrs. Donald was our substitute.  Lucky Mrs. Donald!  Don't worry, we all helped her get through day 1.  First we helped get the culture ready.  That's a mixture of soil, shredded newspapers, and water.  Then we put the earthworms in.  Aren't they cute?!  Then we put more culture on top of them to keep them moist and in the dark. Finally we put some food on top of the culture.  Now they are in a wormery, their new home, right here in our classroom.  We did it!

    Check back on our web site for updated pictures of the earthworms.  We have lots more earthworm activities in store.

    (Mrs. Mulgrew sends special thanks to Mrs. Donald, substitute extraordinaire, and Miss Adams, our wonderful student teacher, for going above & beyond!)