Feb: Tree Project - work in action

  • Courtyard Tree Project

    Mrs. McGary asked if we would like to help select a tree for our school courtyard.  Well, did we ever want to get involved!

    It was a big project!  But we dug in deep and...

    • First we researched online with the help of a web site designed to select the tree that we thought would be the best.

    • Then we had to collected our data and compared all the trees.

    • We remembered what Mrs. McGary told us about the kind of tree she wanted for the courtyard.  We had to think about: the shade, the shape, the height, the spread, the fruit, the nuts, the birds, the bees, the animals, the roots and the light.
    • We ranked our trees by how they matched up with Mrs. McGary’s ideas. 
    • Each group wrote a report on their tree and then made a presentation to Mrs. McGary and our families about why their tree would be a good choice.