June: Spartan Stars Program

  • Neil Armstrong Spartan Stars

    On June 11, the first graders at Neil Armstrong presented a program for family & friends based on the values of Neil Armstrong, The Spartan Way. 

    Our class focused on Responsibility. Each child wrote what responsibility meant to him or her and then we used these ideas to write a class poem that you will hear in our video clip.

    I am so proud of your children! They did a great job on the program and every day at school they demonstrate responsibility.

    The program video clips are in the RELATED FILES links listed below our poem. 


    Spartan Stars Are Responsible

    by the First Graders in Mrs. Mulgrew's Class

    You should stay in your seat and do whatever the driver will say.

    Every morning walk into school and class the right way.

    Be responsible and start with a smile every day.


    During the pledge of Allegiance put your hand on your heart.

    When the announcers are talking stop and listen, be smart!


    Responsibility means think, don’t always talk to your neighbor.

    When you are working do your best on every paper.


    Responsibility means you should be nice, helpful and kind.

    You should listen and give your teacher some peace of mind.


    When the teacher’s at the reading table you should get your work done.

    Even when the teacher’s not looking, do your work and be number one.


    Pay attention when it is time to do Daily 5

    Or even if it’s time to do deskercise.


    In the cafeteria drink your milk and eat your lunch.

    Talk to your friends quietly while you munch, munch, munch.


    Responsibility means you should listen when coach is talking you know.

    In assembly always listen to the people putting on the show.


    You are responsible when you return your library books on time.

    And when you’re responsible you’ll feel just fine.


    Responsibility is doing your homework every night.

    You should always be a Spartan Star


    ...and do what is right!

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