Technology and Connectivity

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    The district recognizes that adequate access to computing devices and high-speed internet are essential for education equity. Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, the district has been committed to leveraging the use of technology in a way that fosters student-centered learning, creates self-directed and collaborative learners and promotes global citizenship.

    All students within the district will be provided with a laptop for the 2020-21 school year. The district will also provide a section on the website for the purpose of providing guidance and resources about hybrid and remote learning to students and parents/guardians. Prior to the start of the school year, the district will survey families and staff to have knowledge of their access to high-speed internet and provide reliable access to those in need.

    The district’s instructional technology team will collaborate with leaders and educators on designing effective remote instructional experiences and best practices. Ongoing technical support will be provided to staff, students, and parents/guardians through an internal ticket system and telephone hotlines.

    Students will be provided instruction on the multiple ways to participate in learning and demonstrate mastery of New York State Learning Standards in remote or hybrid instruction models. This will be accomplished through the utilization of Education Law 2-d compliant digitally-rich resources and pedagogical best practices.