Gates Chili CSD Reopening Task Force

  • Christopher Dailey, Superintendent of Schools
    Carol Stehm, Associate Superintendent for Instruction
    Dr. Mitch Ball, Assistant Superintendent for Business
    Michaela Perrotto, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Labor Relations
    Jason deJong, Director of Pupil Personnel Services
    Dr. Patrick Irving, Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics
    Troy Olin, Director of Technology
    Iva Petrosino, Director of Public Relations
    George English, Director of Facilities 
    Matt Helmbold, Director of Transportation
    Katie Coon, Coordinator of Educational Programs


    Below you will find a breakdown of the task force's committees and its facilitators. These committees are made up of faculty, staff, administrators and parents from around the district. Some committees may break into smaller groups during their work to address the needs at a specific building or for a specific student age-level.

    If you have questions or concerns for the task force's consideration, please email


  • School Operations and Logistics
    Facilitators: Troy Olin and George English 

    Donna Bazer, Chris Amesbury, Tina Carney, Marla Chefalo, Joe DeSanto, Kim Doty, Ken Hammel, Nancy Heim, Peter Hens, Valerie Jackson, Keri Kephart, John Lesio, Todd Martin, Dominic Pendino, Jennifer Sloan, Marenda Thornton Lawhorn, Jeff Welch, Chantal Zambito 


    Public Health and Safety
    Facilitators: Michaela Perrotto and Dr. Patrick Irving

    Joyce Barski, Dorothy Brenneis, Ann Marie Brower, Richard Butler, Richard Castre, Laurie Clark, Denise Coco, Amy Cocuzzi, Elaine Damelio, Jackie Dennison, George English, Elissa Finger, Carrie Morriss, Rebecca Scott, Don Voekl, Kevin Whitmore, Derek Yacono 


    Social-Emotional and Equity
    Facilitators: Jason deJong and Iva Petrosino

    Stephanie Blaesi, Nicole Fimbel, Dr. Adam Foley, Amanda Henry, Jennifer Kern, Jo-Al Lettau, Nicole Littlewood, Lisa McGary, Sara Mucino, Janice Phillips, Angelina Pound, Kareen Sabido, Angie Stout, Erin Ugine, Tracy Vander, Dr. Sandra Vazquez


  • Teaching and Learning
    Facilitators: Carol Stehm and Katie Coon

    Kathleen Bailey, Jeanine Bezon, Lisa Buckshaw, Tracy Dalykas, Lisa Dorofy, Rochelle Ecija, Suzanne Goff, Tom Hammel, Kelly Hanning, Matt Harvey, Karen Jefferson, Danielle Latore, Nicole MacBay, April Marques, Terri Menard, Michael Munski, Jenn Padulo, Julie Slate, Julie Stark, Ted Tuggles, Tim Young


    Facilitators: Dr. Mitch Ball and Matt Helmbold

    Sarah Allen, Ben Amico, Sean D’Abreu, Katie Davis, John Eaton, Renee Emanuelle, Lisa Jacobs, Rainy LaForce, Melissa Mancuso, Amy Meister, Michele Mendola, Rick Pound, Margo Renehan, Jarod Rizzi, Costa Tavelaris, Marla Wall