Sand Barge example
  • “Sand Barge Design”
    World of Technology

    To design and build a device(boat) which will float in water with the maximum amount of sand “payload inside.”

    • The team which loads the most sand in their boat without taking on water will be deemed the winner
    • Throughout the competition, the boat must remain in free-float, supported only by the buoyancy of the water.
    • The boat may not be supported in any way by the water container/tank
    • Sand must be added one cup at a time, with the judge verifying first, that each cup is full of stand and second, that no water is being taken on after each addition
    • Subsequent one cup additions must wait until judge verification has taken place after each addition
    • Each team will be limited to the following construction materials

    1 standard manilla file folder
    3 paper clips
    2 rubber bands
    12 linear inches of masking tape
    12 linear inches of string
    1 #2 pencil
    5 common nails
    2 U.S. pennies
    Hot melt glue

    Teams of 2
    Create a team logo: 2 rough sketches per person then 1 final logo in color on
    team folder
    Create a journal - day to day explanation of team activities

    3 Rough sketches of boat design per person
    1 Refinement sketch of final boat design per person
    Final boat prototype design built
    1 Final 3-view drawing of design

    Team Logo Design 10pts
    Final 3-view drawing: 30pts
    Written/ Typed Journal 20pts
    # of full cups of sand TBD
    Project score 100pts
    Teamwork: 30pts



Sand Barge example 2