Make a 2D Drawing - and how to Print

  • Create a new drawing by click on the DRAWING SQUARE.


    Then choose your paper. Click on Choice A: ANSI 8.5x11 sheet.


    Now you have the drawing space.
    On the left is the window to BROWSE for your part.


    Clicking on the part, SOLIDWORKS will read the part file and generate a drawing for you.


    SOLIDWORKS will now choose the front view of your part. Place the view in the appropriate location to start your 2D drawing. Typically the Front View is in the lower left hand corner.

    Repeat the placement of your drawings until you have: FRONT, TOP, RIGHT SIDE and PERSPECTIVE views.



    When finished adding drawing views, click the GREEN CHECKMARK.


    Now that the drawing views are on your page, go ahead and show the Hidden Lines.
    Right-Click each view and SHOW/HIDE : SHOW HIDDEN EDGES.


    At this point, we can edit the drawing sheet. RIGHT-CLICK the border so that you can edit it.


    Once the border is highlighted, you can RIGHT-CLICK each of the data in the cells to change names and sizes of font/text.


    Make sure to add your name, date, drawing name and OPP class.
    When finished, click the CONFIRM SHEET button.


     Now its time to add dimensions to your drawing. Click on SMART DIMENSION on the top ribbon.


    Click on each feature of your drawing until you have added all the dimensions you need:

    When your drawing is completely finished, click PRINT PREVIEW and check your work. If satisfied, you can print your work to the printer.

    Turn in document for grading.