Balloon Battle Project picture
  • Students will create a hand-held game. Shop safety, tool identification and finishing procedures will be studied.


    • Students will receive demonstrations on tools and equipment
    • Students must score a passing grade on the safety worksheets for each machine
    • A lesson on Solidworks 3D CAD software will help students learn about the parts they will be making.
    • Using Manufacturing techniques, students will cut out and assemble their projects.

    Grading: Each student is responsible for the following.

    • 3D CAD assembly model of the project with textures - 50pts
    • 1 project created using the tools and machines in the wood shop - 120pts
      • Cut out wood triangle
      • Drill holes to proper depth
      • Cut dowels to length
      • Shape the chamfer edge
      • Finish the project with abrasive paper, stain and seal with polyurethane
      • Print directions for the game
      • Receive game pieces