• Reading Workshop

    -Mini-lessons, practice, conferencing

    -Building Stamina

    -Decoding Strategies 

    -Comprehension Strategies

    -Navigating Text structure

  • Writer's Workshop

    -Daily mini-lessons, practice, and conferencing

    -Narrative Writing

    -Informational Writing

    -Opinion Writing







  • Math

    Unit One: Couting Coins and Combinations

    Unit Two: Shapes and Blocks

    Unit Three: Stickers, Number Strings and Story Problems

    Unit Four: Pockets, Teeth and Favorite Things

    Unit Five: How Many Floors? How Many Rooms?

    Unit Six: How Many Tens? How Many Ones?

    Unit Seven: Parts of a Whole , Parts of a Group

    Unit Eight: Partners, Teams and Paperclips

    Unit Nine: Measuring Length and Time

  • Science

    Physical Science: Interactions and Simple Machines

    Earth Science: Earth's Features

    Life Science: Relationships in Ecosystems "Save the Bees"



  • Social Studies

    • Democracy and Citizenship
    • Civic Ideals/Practices "Do we have to have rules?"
    • Urban, Suburban, Rural "How would our lives differ?"
    • Communities
    • Symbols "What symbol best represents the United States?"
    • Geography and Natural Resources
    • Economic Systems
    • Humans and Environment: "How do we shape our environment?"
    • Changes Over Time
    • Community History 
    • Economic Interdependence "What makes me become we?"