Balloon Battle Project picture
  • Students must create a device that can travel down a line and reach the destination the fastest. In addition, the project may have to defend itself by popping other teams' balloons that are fighting for the same goal.


    • Balloon must be the only form of propulsion
    • Project size must be under 18 inches in overall length
    • Project must use materials provided by instructor
    • There are two stages to the competition
      • Stage 1: Distance
      • Stage 2: King of the Hill
    • Teams must utilize the Design Process to solve the problem
    • Teams are responsible for a daily journal
    • Teams will present final solution in a PowerPoint presentation
    • Online assessment will be given at the end of the project which will focus on a few of the principles studied in the research

    Grading: Each team is responsible for turning in the following.

    • Team portfolio with logo and team names
    • Completed journal
    • Completed research paper
    • Data collection sheet
    • Rough sketches
    • Refinement sketches
    • Final sketch of the winning solution


Balloon Battle Project picture