• **Please note that per professional scope of practice and federal law:  Registered nurses CANNOT medically diagnosis an illness or injury. If your child has new or worsening symptoms, please take them to their primary physician for treatment. **



    A pass from the class the student is missing is required to come to the health office during the school day.

    Exceptions apply for emergencies and sudden acute issue (bleeding, vomiting, etc)



    - We will assess and treat, with focus being on returning to class
    - We allow approximately a 15-20 minute rest as needed
    - The health office staff will call parent/guardian if student needs to be picked up due to illness or injury.


    Student pick up:

    -PLEASE ensure you have working phone numbers listed on your emergency contact list. It is vital that you keep this record current with the school district! If you child is ill or injured and we cannot reach anyone, 911 may have to be called and your child taken to a local emergency dept

    - The health office number will appear on your phone as the general district number (585) 247-5050.

    - Please pick your child up as soon as possible

    - If a student contacts their parent/guardian to pick up without coming to the health office, they do NOT need to come to the health office to wait.

    - For non-emergencies, we will send a student back to class for excessive wait times, and attendance will call the student out of class once their ride arrives 



    • We are allowed to give ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin) or acetomeniphen (Tylenol) ONE (1) time a school year, without an order from their doctor. We still require parent/guardian permission, and will call for permission before giving medication

    • If an emergency occurs - we have stock Epipens, Albuterol, and Benadryl for students with asthma and allergies who do not have a supply at school, or forgot their own.

    • We do NOT have a wheelchair or crutches for student use during the school day. Your town ambulance or Lion's club may have wheelchairs to borrow.