Students We Work With:

  • We work with students with a variety of communication needs including:

    • articulation - the ability to produce speech sounds and words clearly
    • language
      • receptive - the ability to understand and interpret language, includes listening and reading
      • expressive - the ability to use language to express ideas and make requests, includes speaking and writing
    • fluency - the ability to produce fluent speech by minimizing stuttering
    • social communication - the ability to interact with peers and adults in an age-appropriate way
    • executive functioning - the ability to process information to plan, organize, and initiate tasks
      • also includes the ability utilize "flexible thinking" to self-monitor and self-regulate


    Additional skills we work on with students may include:

    • auditory and language processing
    • voice and resonance
    • feeding and swallowing
    • AAC and the use of communication devices
    • hearing impairment


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