Work Permit Instructions

  • Applications (Form A.T.-17) are available outside the health office door, on our website at the link below, or on the NYS Dept. of Labor website. They are to be returned to the health office during school hours, or during our summer hours.  

      • Fill in Part 1 of the Application for Employment Certificate (Form A.T.-17).  Be sure to include a parent's signature.  

      • Provide Proof of age by presenting one of the following forms of identification: birth certificate, baptismal certificate, state issued photo, driver's license/permit, or passport. Copies of documents are acceptable. Please note: School IDs are NOT acceptable.

      • Proof of physical fitness MUST be on file with the Health Office. This can be provided by either: 
        (1) A copy of a current physical, dated within 1 year of application date. Please note that a copy of a current physical may already be on file with the health office, please check with the office if unsure OR
        (2) A Physical Fitness Certificate (Form A.T.-16) signed by your physician.  

      • Bring completed form(s) to the Health Office and a work permit will be prepared for the student.  When it is ready, the permit must be signed and picked up by the student.
    Work permits are issued for the following ages:
    Ages 14 and 15 - Blue Permit
    Ages 16 and 17 - Green Permit
    If you have a Blue Permit and turn 16, you must reapply to receive a Green Permit.
    **Work Permits MAY be obtained during Summer Office Hours - Please check our schedule on Main Page**
    **If a physical exam is needed and student is unable to obtain an appotiment with their primary physician, we reccomend going to a local urgent care for a walk-in physical exam