Activities to work on BALANCE

  • Balance is important for safe and independent mobility throughout our day.  Sometimes kids that have attentional difficulties will present with decreased balance because it is hard for them to slow down and stay on task.  Here are some fun things kids can do to help improve their balance at home. 


    Balance Activities:


    • Standing on one foot-  Keep score of how long they can stand on each foot. Post it on the refrigerator and have them try to beat their “high score”.  Can do this while waiting in line at the grocery store or while the bath tub is filling up with water!



    • Hopping on one foot- Keep score of how many hops are done on each foot and do the same as above.  Have them try to beat their “high score”.



    • Walking on a tapeline – You can put a tapeline down or you could have them try to walk along a grout line in the tile, along a curb or sidewalk edge.  If it’s nice outside walking along the landscape timbers that surround many playgrounds is a great way to practice balancing.



    • Walking on your knees – play tag on your knees or just have them walk on their knees to the dinner table. Try forward and backwards!!



    • Playground - Many playgrounds offer great opportunities to work on balance whether on the swings or walking across those shaky bridges!!  Have fun!!!
    • Tapeline Walking (click on words to open file)