Online Meal Payment

  • At Gates Chili School District parents can make payments to student meal accounts and view students purchase history on-line through MyPaymentsPlus. MyPaymentsPlus may be used to:

    • Check student meal account balances
    • Make pre-payments to a students meal account 
    • Auto-pay your student's account when it reaches a low balance 
    • Monitor cafeteria purchases made in the last 30-days
    • Receive low balance alerts 

    Even if you do not use this service to make pre-payments to your child's meal account, you may access your child's Debit Account Balance and also see a 30-day history of their School Meal Purchases through this FREE service.

    Note: Your Internet Browser must have Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher to use this system in either PC or MAC. An App is available for iOS and Android. 

    Visit or call 1-866-572-6087 for more information.


    What is the difference between the Meal Account and General Account?


    Meal Account funds can only be used towards student full meals (Breakfast and/or Lunch) 

    General Account funds can be used to purchase Breakfast and/or Lunch as well as snack items (cookies, chips, ice cream, water, etc.) If your child brings a meal from home and wants to buy a Milk please be sure to have funds in the General Account.