Parent Information

  • Reading:   You are the greatest link to your child's success in second grade.  The time you spend working with your child will make a huge difference for them in school.  The single most important thing you can do for your child is to read with him or her on a daily basis.  This can include you reading to your child, your child reading to you, or a combination of both.  Even more important than the actual reading is the conversation that should take place before, during, and after the process.  Before reading, your child can predict what will happen in the story.  During reading, discuss whatever comes up in the story.  After reading, your child should be able to retell the story, including the characters, setting, and events from the beginning, middle, and end.

     Folders:  Your child will have a folder that will go home every day.  This folder is our quickest form of communication.  In the folder will be a  chart with homework assignments for the week, daily specials, and space for us to write to each other if necessary.

      I check this chart daily.  Any notes from the school and other homework activities will be found in the folder as well.


    Birthdays:  We always want to celebrate your child.  Our district has a policy of no food for birthday treats.  Feel free to do pencils or stickers, or some parents have donated a class book and come in and read it on their child's birthday.   If your child has a summer birthday please contact me about celebrating those birthdays in the spring.  If there are allergy issues I need to know about please tell me as soon as possible.



    Conferences:  Conferences are a wonderful way to keep updated on your child's progress.  They are held in November, but any time you would like to meet with me please don't hesitate to email me at


    You can be assured that I will contact you if I have any concerns as well.


    Homework:  Homework in second grade is not designed to overwhelm your child (or you)!     It is expected that students will practice word wall words daily as needed.  Also, reading daily is the single most important thing you can do with your child.   20-30 minutes a night is the most beneficial.  You will be receiving math cards to work with your children at home as well.


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