Welcome to Mrs. Wilbur's Website - The 2017-2018 school year

Welcome to  Speech and Language Services!

Speech and Language services at the Middle School focus on improving students' communication skills within the educational setting.  Services may focus on improving  students' memory, listening,  reasoning, vocabulary, comprehension and speaking skills. Some students at the Middle School may also require therapy to help improve their articulation (clarity of their speech), fluency or voice skills.

Speech and language services at the Middle School are provided in various combinations.  Many students' services are provided directly in the classroom during classroom instruction.  The speech pathologist and classroom teacher plan weekly activities together that will help students achieve their communication goals within the classroom while using the classroom curriculum. Some students may receive services during small group activities within the therapy room.  Students may be seen in a group or individually.

Student progress is reported quarterly at the Middle School.  The speech pathologist will make comments on the student's IEP to reflect progress made towards his/her communication goals.