• What language skills do speech therapists address?

    * Language comprehension - The ability to understand other's oral, written, gestured or signed communication. Some language comprehension skills addressed in therapy include:

    • understanding language concepts: size, shape, location, quantity, quality, categories, associations 
    • comprehension of grammatical and complex sentence structures
    • comprehension of question forms- "What, where, when, who, why, how"
    • vocabulary- synonyms, antonyms, homonyms
    • sequencing -beginning-middle-end
    • para-phrasing
    • summarizing
    • figures of speech
    • memory strategies
    • main idea/detail recognition

    * Expressive language - The ability to produce language in any of a number of different modalities such as speech, symbol use, sign or writing. Some expressive language skills addressed in therapy include:

    • grammar
    • sentence structure
    • writing
    • social (pragmatic) language skills
    • parts of speech


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