Grading in PE

  • Each PE class, the student is given a grade of 0-5 based on their effort, participation, and attitude.  Below is  more of a breakdown of the rubric that is used. 

     ** I also try and update parent portal grades every few days so that can be accessed too.

    Daily Scoring Rubric

          Daily Score    Effort        Participation     Attitude 


    Student work is beyond expectations.

    Gives top effort daily. Self- motivated.

    Encourages others. Committed to improving personal fitness.


    High level of participation. Always displays quality movement during activity. Excellent understanding of skills and strategies. Stays on task. Plays fairly.

    Shows respect to classmates. Encourages others to improve. Consistently demonstrates a positive attitude and good sportsmanship.  Works well with others.


    Student work meets expectations.

    Consistently follows rules.

    Consistently displays daily effort, cooperation and works hard.  


    Good level of participation.  Displays quality movement during activity.  Demonstrates basic skills and strategies of games with ease.

    Demonstrates positive attitude and often encourages other students. Always demonstrates good sportsmanship.


    Student work nearly meets described standards.

    Inconsistently follows rules. Puts forth minimum effort. Does not work hard enough to improve fitness level.


    Needs some reminders to participate. On task most of the time. Performs most skills and game strategies at a satisfactory level.

    Inconsistently demonstrates positive attitude and sportsmanship.


    Student work does not meet expectations.

    Puts for minimum effort.  Contributes little to the activity. Inconsistently follows the rules.  Does not work hard to improve personal fitness level.

    Uncooperative at times.  Talks when directions are being given. Displays poor understanding of basic skills and game strategy.  Reminders to stay on task.

    Sometimes disruptive.  Very little encouragement to classmates.  Argues during activity.  Does not demonstrate positive sportsmanship. (Negative at times.)


    Student work is unacceptable.

    Any student who is


    Uncooperative.  Poor effort.  Little or no movement during activities.



    Insufficient knowledge of rules and game strategies with no attempt to learn them.  Bends rules to suit self.  Doesn’t follow the rules.  Avoids participation.  Complains about the task.

    Disruptive. Interrupts teacher when talking.  Generally not involved.  May ask inappropriate questions.  Poor sportsmanship. Displays poor attitude towards activity.