Service Models

  • Service Models

    How We Do It



    -  Diagnostic Assessment:

            Formal normed testing

            to evaluate the presence of  a

            speech or language delay.


    -  Individual Therapy: 

           1:1 student/clinician sessions for

           intense articulation therapy, oral-

           motor issues, fluency, as well as 

           other specialized areas of need.


    -  Small Group Pull-Out:

           Up to 5 students grouped with similar goals


    -  Push-In:

           Collaborative planning and co-teaching within the

           classroom setting. Speech objectives are

           integrated with curriculum content.


    -  Consultant:

           Periodic monitoring of student with classroom

           teachers, parents, and student to ensure skills

           and strategies are carried over and maintained.


    -  All types of service models apply to all students, those identified with a classification as well as students in general education