• Processing    

    Auditory Processing Deficits -

    Normal pure tone hearing

    Difficulty following verbal directions

    Difficulty hearing in  background noise

    Short auditory attention span

    Poor auditory recall and memory


    Language Processing Deficits-

    Word retrieval problems

    Delayed responses, uses fillers

    Inconsistency in learning, needs review

    Misuse of words with similar sounds

    Requests repetition, asks “huh”

    Memory and recall difficulties of previously learned material


    Classroom Implications:

    -  Difficulty following verbal & written directions/sequential information

    -  Poor recall/comprehension of stories

    -  Poor mental organization of information

    -  Memory deficits

    -  Poor listening comprehension

    -  Poor/limited language in written work

    -  Difficulty recalling learned information or concepts


    What We Do:

    -  Teach memory strategies

    -  Chunk information by categories, color, headings, etc.

    -  Preview of lesson, vocabulary, concepts

    -  Organizational strategies

    -  Connection building to concepts

    -  Repetition/rephrasing of information

    -  Test taking strategies