Counseling Expectations- A Parent's Guide

  • A Parent’s Guide to Counseling Expectations



    The rules for the DREAM TEAM are:

    • Be Safe
    • Give and earn respect
    • Give your BEST everyday 
    • Be Responsible for your Success

    Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) you many want to understand:

    • Our class will be split into two groups of 4 to focus on specific needs related to their IEP goals. We will also discuss problem-solving and social skills. 
    • I will create an individual counseling schedule during the first few weeks of school. If your child has individual counseling on their IEP, they will meet with me for thirty minutes weekly.


    *Occasionally, I may have a situation come up unexpectedly and may not be available at a regularly scheduled counseling time. Students are not permitted in my office at any time if I am not there and need to return to the classroom. I will schedule another time during the day to meet with them.


    • Seeking Help: If your child would like to meet with me at a time other than their scheduled counseling time, they may contact me, Mrs. Fox, or Mrs. Wendt to set up a time. My schedule is usually flexible to allow for me to be available to speak with students throughout the day as needed. Additionally, I am in the classroom frequently during the school day to talk with students.


    • *If you would like to set up a time to meet with me, I can be reached by phone at 247-5050 ext. 30177 or e-mail: .


    • Confidentiality: Specific information shared during counseling sessions is confidential.

    Exceptions to this may be:

    - I am concerned about the safety of your child or another person

    - You and/or your child give me permission to share information


    *Other situations may arise when confidentiality needs to be broken. In these cases I will make every effort to make students and/or parents aware.


    Students in counseling groups will also be expected to maintain confidentiality.


    Consequences for breaking rules or procedures:

    1. Non-verbal cue
    2. Reminder of the rule
    3. Warning
    4. Meet with the child individually
    5. Call home and notify teacher
    6. Involvement of the Principal