• "Everything on earth, everything in our solor system, everything in our galaxy and everything in our universe is made up of matter."

    -Stephanie Rule, 8th grade, 2003


    Congratulations! You are studying 8th Grade General Science this year. Essentially we will be exploring the world around us, and how it works. We break up the year into two main science topics - first we will learn physics and then we will learn chemistry.

    These words might not sound too familiar to you but, you have all been learning a little about these things your whole life. What makes things float or sink? Why do objects weigh less on the moon? How do rollercoasters work? Can a two brown-eyed people have a blue-eyed child? These are all things that we will take a look at this year. Below is  a list of the topics we will cover and projects associated with them.


    • Measurement and density
    • Genetics and heredity
    • Theory of Evolution
    • Forces and motion 
    • Heat and energy
    • Earth's surface


    For the most successful year possible, do your work, be serious about learning, always show respect and follow the guidelines on the course requirements sheet below.