• 7th Grade - Physical Science


    7th Grade - Physical Science

    "Chemistry can be important in some jobs that seem like they have nothing to do with Chemistry."    

    - Robert DiNapoli, 8th grade, 2003


    Congratulations!  You are a lucky 7th grader taking 8th grade science.  Good for you! 

    Everything you will want to know can be found on the 8th grade Physical Science page,except for the following changes:


    1.  You have completely skipped Life Science, which means you will not learn any Biology until 9th grade.


    2.  You will not take the ILSE state exam at the end of this year, or at the end of 8th grade.


    3.  You will not do the MST Project that goes along with the Physics Units.


    4.  Next year you will take High School, Regents Earth Science.


    5.  Because of that fact, you will be pushed "to the limit" this year, in order to better prepare you for a Regents level course in 8th grade.