• Chem-Is-Try!!!

    Congratulations!  You are studying 7th Grade General Science this year.  Plan on working with your peers on many labs, projects and interesting assignments.  We study a variety of topics in science this year.

    You've been learning about living things like plants and animals your whole life, so some the topics this year should be review for many of you.  What are living things made of?  How many chambers does a human heart have?  What role do bacteria play in our ecosystem?  These are just some of the things we'll be taking a closer look at this year.  Below is a quick look at the topics we will be studying and some projects associated with them.

    • Experimental Design & Measurement
    • Properties of Matter
    • Classes of Matter
    • Periodic Table & Atoms 
    • Cellular Processes
    • Human Body Systems
    • Geology

    The scoop is that there is a Frog Dissection later this year.  Most teachers do that lab, but just a warning, it is a privilege earned by the students.  Some years I've been glad to do the frog dissection with all my classes, but sadly, some years I've had to cancel it.  The choice lies with the students.  Since it requires a lot of maturity and responsibility to conduct it safely and appropriately, I will make that decision when the time approaches.


    ***For the most successful year possible..do your work, be serious about learning, always show respect and follow the guidelines on the course requirements sheet below.