• All About Me...



    Hello!  My name is Tinamarie Mantisi and I am one of the 7/8 Science teachers here at the Middle School.  I joined the teaching staff here in 2000, but I've been part of the Gates Chili family a lot longer than that.  I attended various schools in the district when I was younger.  I went to the old Warren Harding School (now Northstar Christian Academy) for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades.  5th and 6th grades were spent at Neil Armstrong School.  I went to the "Junior High" for 7th, 8th AND 9th.  10th, 11th, and finally 12th were at the High School, and I graduated in 1988.

    did not become a teacher right away.  I received my Bachelor's degree in Biochemical Pharmacology in 1992 from the University at Buffalo.  I then worked atWyeth Vaccines and Pediatrics for seven years.  In 2000 I got my Master's in Education and began my teaching career here at Gates that year.

    I still live in Gates with my best friend - my husband Joe, and our daughters Marisa Lynn and Franca Marie.  We're just a little Italian, you know.  Some of my favorite things besides talking science are........watching my kids play soccer, visiting with my huge family, and walking around Walmart.