What is AIS?


    AIS stands for Academic Intervention Services.


    A state mandated program to assist students with the literacy skills necessary to be successful in school and life.


    Students may qualify for AIS services based on several factors:

    • Achievement test scores from previous school years
    • Report card grades and classroom performance
    • Teacher recommendation

    How are these services provided?

    Pull Out Service (Direct Instruction) Students attend reading classes taught by the AIS teacher, to further advance their reading and writing skills. Students receive a grade for this class. The majority of AIS students will receive this type of instruction, allowing the reading teacher to focus on specific skill and reading development based on the needs of the class.

    Push In Service (In-direct Instruction): The AIS teacher collaborates and often co-teaches with the content area teachers to provide academic instruction.  The AIS teacher closely works with her AIS students, but all students in the classroom may receive support with academics or study skills from the AIS teacher.

    Who is the AIS teacher?

    The AIS teacher is a New York State certified teacher who has a master's degree in reading and  literacy certification.  They have been trained to work with students who need direct support in their language art skills.  The AIS teacher can also provide reading and writing assistance, and study skills to all students.

    Do students receive a grade for AIS:

    Yes! Students receiving AIS support will have comments  and grades regarding their progress on five week reports and report cards. Also, there is opportunities throughout the school year to meet one-on-one with the AIS teacher.