Who am I?


    "I think that education is power." Oprah Winfrey


    Hi, my name is Samantha Carpenter and I am an AIS (Academic Intervention Services) teacher at GCMS.  For more information on what AIS services are, please go to the "what is AIS" link.  This will be my tenth year teaching at Gates Chili Middle School, and I have loved every minute of it.  I teach students in all three grades and all three communities.

    I live in Brockport with my husband, Steve and our 7 year old daughter Hannah and 2 year old daughter Paige.  We like to stay active and are not home very often.  During the winter we enjoy playing in the snow, and in the summer we like to be on our boat as much as possible. 

    My favorite past time is reading.  I LOVE books. I have books in every room of my house.

    I love to teach, and have high expectations for my students. I feel that everyone can learn and enjoy reading the goal is just to find that perfect book.  I also love to learn, and share that love with my students.   


My Husband Steve and Me