Class Supplies


    The following supplies are needed in class 

    each day unless indicated differently. 

    Frequent material checks are done in class and count as preparedness quizzes.  Bringing all of your materials to class each day will not only help you to be successful but also give you several 100's as  quiz grades!!!!

    Duh tip # 1100's raise grades, 0's lower grade!!!!

    Supplies needed for all grade levels:    


                               2 pens (at least one must be blue or black)

                               2 pencils  

                               3 Ring Binder w/ 5 dividers  (minimum size, 1 1/2)

                               looseleaf paper

           In addition:    Earth Science:  Textbook

                                                     Red and white soft covered Brief Review book

                                                     Purple study guide (three holed punched into binder)

                               Grade 8 Physical Science:  Green Measuring Up workbook 

                                      Grade 7  Life Science:         Green Measuring Up workbook

    Duh tip # 2     Being prepared brings greater success than

    E-mail me back and tell me what my duh tip # 1 and 2 are for an extra point on your first binder/materials quiz.