Strategies for success in Science


    Strategies for Success in Science 



    In this section you will find a number of things that you can do to be sure you are successful in this class (or any other class for that matter!!)


    Just click on the area that you need help with and try it out.  For and extra point on your next quiz email me to tell me what you are working on to be more successful in Science.


      Binder organization (also known as BO….eewwww, I hope your binder isn’t stinky!)

              Overall Setup:

                       The first thing that should be seen in your binder is:

                            Warm up work and paper

                **This work should be placed before the first section/divider**

                                  D Q’s  (daily questions)

                                  SQ’s (state question packets)

                                  SQ Vocab   

                                  Extra Looseleaf

         Section 1              Notes