Extra credit

  • Mrs Bull,  What can I do to raise my grade??


    There are many ways to increase your grade this quarter.  Some of these are ongoing throughout the quarter and others require some outside work.   Any extra credit assigned MUST BE completed one week before the end of the quarter or according to the extra credit work given.   There are NO exceptions to this.  Be sure to think about exra credit BEFORE the end of the quarter or it might be too late.  Remember....Extra credit means extra.  In order to do extra you need to do the class work assigned first!!!


     Extra Credit opportunities:

    Raising test grades/Test corrections

              Before every UNIT test you will receive a TEST SUCCESS review sheet.  This will be assigned as homework before you take your unit test.  Of course since it's homework you are required to complete this worksheet AND it is also required if you want to be eligible for test corrections. I am very happy to give students the opportunity to do better on a test BUT ONLY if they have tried their best first. 

         I have a very specific way that test corrections need to be completed.  When I correct your test corrections I will average the old grade with the test correction grade and this will become your new grade.  For some students this will add several points to their grade.

         Test corrections are always done in school with my permission and usually in my classroom.  They need to be completed within one week of the date the test was returned.  You are responsible to fill in test corrections due date at the top of your test paper.  ALL questions to be corrected need to be written on looseleaf paper and done in full sentences.  Both the test and the corrections are handed in for me to check and correct.

          It is a privilege to be able to do test corrections!!  The purpose if for you to revisit concepts that you did not understand completely when you were taking the test and then also get a better grade.  Any student that does not want to follow my test correction guidelines will not be allowed to do test corrections.


    Go to the classroom jobs link on the left side of this page to see more extra credit possibilities.

    My booklist link may interest you and can also help you with extra credit!



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