Study Hall - Be Productive!

  •  Study Hall Policies

    At Gates Chili we take full advantage of study hall opportunities to maximize learning.


    Ø   To create a love of reading, you are expected to:

      - complete the assigned "Math Facts" for 15 minutes

    - read silently for the beginning 15 minutes of every study hall period.


    Ø   To create a positive learning environment, you are expected to:

    - work on assigned tasks.

    - continue to read silently


    Ø   With my permission, you may:

       - work quietly in pairs or small groups to complete a class assignment.


           - use the computer consistent with the District Policy.


                    - obtain a pass to the bathroom, your locker, or the drinking fountain; only 1 student may be sent to each destination at a time.


               - travel to the library, if you are in good academic standing.



    Ø   Throughout  Study Hall time, you may not:

                - leave the room before the first 30 minutes of class.

                            *unless you have a pre-signed pass.

                - visit with each other.

                - use electronic devices.

                - play cards or related games