Our Every Day Routine

  • Our Every Day Routine


    Below is an outline of what a student can expect to experience in class on an average day.



    I. Introduction/Preview/Warm-up (5 Minutes) : Students will review the previous days material and preview the current days materials in order to get the intellectual juices flowing!


     II. Thesis and Modeling (5 Minutes) : Students will review the day's objective. This acts as a focus and guideline to the day's content. Next, students will watch as we model the day's activity.


     III. Activity/Practice (30-45 Minutes) : Students take the information they have received so far and apply it to a particular activity in order to research and obtain quality information on the day's content. It is broken down further in to solo (5-10), partner (10-15), then group work (15-20).


    IV. Reflection (10-Minutes) : We will reveal and discuss findings from the day's activity, making sure our information is correct and meaningful in order to prove our objective. We will wrap-up the day's lesson by applying our research to the objective and/or taking a short quiz


     V. Homework (5 Minutes) :  Students may be required to answer the day's objective question in written form for homework.


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