Grading Policy - What You Can Expect for Grading

  • Grading Policy


    Grades will be based on the number of total points given in a quarter. The points that can be earned also reflect the percentage each assignment counts toward the quarter average.  




    Classwork (10%): Abbreviated as "CW" in SchoolTool. Tasks we work on together in class. For example, analysis packets.


    Products (15%): Abbreviated as "HW". Larger tasks we work on together in class that may need to be completed outside of class time. For example, an ADDS response culminating from an analysis packet.

    Quizzes (20%): Abbreviated as "QZ". Quizzes can be retaken throughout a unit until a 100% is achieved.

    Projects (25%): Abbreviated as "PD". Tasks that are a culmination of the skills learned during our class activities. For example, a PowerPoint illustrating the most important battles and events of the Revolutionary War.

    Assessments (30%): Abbreviated as "CA" Assessments include exams, SAQ packets, and Enduring Issue Response Essays. 


    Other abbreviations to know in SchoolTool


    (MA)- Missing Assignment: At the time the assignment was due it was not in my possession. If NOT accompanied by a zero, it can still be handed in for a grade.

    (AB)- AbsentStudent was absent when work was assigned or due. Needs to be completed in a timely manner.

    (INC)- IncompleteAn assingment that cannot be graded unless completed, like an exam or assessment. 

    (EX)- ExcusedDue to special circumstances, an assignment does not effect grade.