Classroom Regulations

  • 7th Grade Social Studies

    I.   Expectations

    1. Respect -- Every student will respect all members of the class.
    2. Be on Time --  Every student must be in the room when the bell rings.  If any student is not, they will be assigned a 15 minute detention after school.  If they miss that detention, the detention will now be increased to a 1/2 hr.  If the detention is still not fulfilled, I will then call home.  If the detention is till not fulfilled, the administarion will now become invovled. 
    3. Pay Attention -- All students will be responsible for all information.  There will be no relaxing or sleeping allowed in my class and detentions will be assigned as a result. 
    4. Do ALL WORK!!! --  Homework will be a very important feature of my classes.  If you do not do homework you will not pass!  I do take late work (1 day only) but a reduced grade will result.   I do not accept major projects or essays late!!!!!!  No EXCUSES!!!
    5. Have Fun! -- The school year is long and it will seem even longer if we do not have fun.  We will have fun, but we will be doing a lot of work!

    II.   Grading Policy

    1. Homework --  Very important and will be a major portion of your grade. It will not be given everyday, but you will be able to check what the assignments are on the website.   (15%)
    2. Tests -- Tests will be given to measure complete understanding of the material given.  I will give a review sheet for each test that will give the students an idea of what will be on the test two days before. (25%)
    3. Projects -- Projects will be assigned periodically throughout the school year and will be weighted heavily.  The projects will vary in form and nature and will give the students a chnce to improve their grade using their creative side. (30%)
    4. Quizzes -- Quizzes will be given periodically in between tests.  I will always give at least 1 days notice and will never give a "pop" quiz.(20%)
    5. Participitation -- Participitaion in my class is vital!  It will be able to make the difference between grades. (10%)

    III.   Absent Work

    1.     It is the sole reponsibility of the student to see me after class, before or after school, NOT during class!
    2.     The student will have 5 days to make up an assignment, test, or quiz.  If the assignment is not completed, the student will receive a zero as a result. 

    IV.   Extra Help

    1. If students wish to receive extra help during the school year, it will be their responsibilty to set up a time with me for after school.
    2. I am generally available everyday, with the exception of days that I have meetings or prior plans.

    V.    Supplies

    1. The student will need a notebook, preferably a 3 ring binder.  This must be brought to class everyday
    2. Text books will be handed out in the first week.  However, the student will not have to bring the textbooks everyday.  The days in which books will be needed, I will notify the students days prior to the class.
    3. A writing utensil will be needed everyday.  I will not give out pens or pencils to any students.

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