GCMS Science Club

  • What is the Science Club?
    Each month students (6th - 8th grades) have the chance to participate or compete against each other in science related events. Many of these events challenge them to create a device or scientific method that will accomplish a specific task, such as to protect an egg from breaking in the Egg Drop.  Science Club members will also help with the Thomas Swain Memorial Pond each fall and spring and have the opportunity to participate in various projects in the community, such as assisted with the
    Aquatic Laboratory Center at the Gates Chili High School, fossil hunt, and highway cleanup days.


    What do you do each month?
    Each month the science club advisor(s), will select an event and "advertise" on the school announcements and monthly calendar. Club members stop by to sign up for the event and receive a rules sheet with the time and date, as well as any other important info. Each year the Science Club will try to offer a few of the favorite events from previous years along with some new ones.


    When do you hold Science Club events?
    Science Club meetings are scheduled once or twice each month usually on Tuesday after school. The science club advisors will try to schedule meeting dates that avoid conflicts with other school and community events.  Listen to the School announcements for the location of  Science Club meetings.


    How do students join the club?
    At the beginning of the year, the Science Club will send home to any interested student a registration form that must be signed and returned by a specific deadline. Since many of the events are team events, we encourage students to find a friend or two to join the club with them.  Copies of the registration form have been included with this display.


    Do students have to participate in every event?
    No, they can choose the events and activities they want. They earn points for participating in science event, community projects, and other activities throughout the year.


    What are the Science Club rules?
    Good behavior is expected at all science club events. Behavior that puts the safety of others at risk results in the loss of science club privileges for the remainder of the year. Members with failing grades are considered ineligible until those grades improve.


    If you have any questions regarding Science Club , please contact

    the Science Club advisors via e-mail.