• Middle School Science Classroom Rules

    For all of Mr. Rall’s Middle School Science Classes:





    Make sure you know the three main rules for this class (Be prepared, respect your teacher and each other, and no killer statements).


    You are responsible for bringing the following materials/supplies to class everyday (Rule 1):

    1. Three-ring binder (for science only) with several dividers and 100 sheets of blank notebook paper;

    2. Your covered textbook;

    3. Your agenda; and

    4. Several pens, pencils, and eraser.


    You are responsible for completing any homework assigned by the beginning of the next block (please refer to the Gates Chili Middle School Homework Policy in your Agenda for further details). Helpful hint – Get in the habit of doing your science homework on the same day you have class.




    You are required to attend all science classes as scheduled and to be in your seat and ready to participate on time. Coming into the classroom after the start of class without a legitimate pass means you are late! I will give you one verbal warning the first time you are late. Detention with me after school and a phone call home will result if it happens again.


    You are responsible for any work missed for any reason.

    · See me or check with classmates immediately upon returning to school for class work covered any day you miss science class.

    · For normal absences – homework is due the day you return to class; otherwise it will receive reduced or no credit.

    · For illegal absences – no credit will be given for that day’s homework.

    · Missed labs and tests must be made up within one week of your returning to class. (I will work with you to best meet your needs, but the sooner the better.)

    · Any work (labs, homework, quizzes, tests, projects) more than one week late will not be graded.



    GRADING: (% of each quarter report card grade)


    33 1/3% - homework and class work (oral, written, group participation)

    33 1/3% - tests and quizzes

    33 1/3% - lab reports and projects

    *(Any extra credit will be built into my grading system)




    I will treat you fairly and with respect. I expect the same kind of treatment from you towards your entire fellow classmates and me.


    · Remain seated when class is in session when I am giving notes or directions, doing a demonstration or discussing some topic. (This means you do not use the pencil sharpener or wastebasket unless you have asked for and received permission to do so.)

    · Raise your hand to get my attention to ask or answer a question or to add to any class discussion.

    · When I signal for everyone’s attention, stop talking and what you are doing and listen to my directions (Rule 2).

    · Respect the property of others. Do not touch any materials, mine or those of your classmates, unless told to do so.

    · Respect the feelings of others. No vulgarities or insults or acts of violence, whether verbal, physical or written, will be tolerated at anytime! (Rule 3)

    · Do not interrupt the class for a pass from me to the lavatory or drinking fountain unless it is an extreme emergency.

    · No horseplay/fooling around will be tolerated during lab activities.

    · Do not write on tables, chalkboards (unless requested to do so) or any other surface in the classroom.

    · Help keep the classroom clean by returning any materials used and by cleaning up after yourself before leaving class.

    · Note passing will not be tolerated.

    · Do not cheat! Do your own homework, tests, lab reports and projects. In an instance of cheating, both parties will be at fault and the work in question will receive a grade of zero. All work in question that receives a grade of zero will not be allowed to be made up.

    · Be polite and cooperative to any substitute teacher I may have. Any student causing problems for a sub will be subject to disciplinary procedures.

    · Insubordination (willfully disobeying an oral or written request or showing disrespect towards those in authority) will be subject to those consequences spelled out in the “Code of Conduct”.