• GCMS Science Study Habits Checklist


    Science Study Habits Checklist

    1. Do you keep up to date in your assignments?

    2. Do you divide your study time among the various subjects to be studied?

    3. Do you look a chapter over before reading it in detail?

    4. Before reading an assignment in detail, do you make use of any  of the cues in the book, such as headings, heavy print, pictures, etc. ?

    5. As you read an assignment do you have in mind questions which you are actually trying to answer?

    6. Can you find the main ideas in what you read?

    7. Do you try to get the meaning of important new words?

    8. When studying material to be remembered, do you try to summarize it yourself?

    9. Do you distribute the study of a lengthy assignment over several study sessions?

    10. When you have questions about your work, do you try to arrange to talk them over your teacher?

    11. In studying for an examination do you distribute your time over at least two sessions?

    12. In preparing for an examination, do you attempt to predict examination questions?

    13. In preparing for an examination do you review the important facts and principles?

    14. In preparing for an examination do you think of ways to apply the important facts and principles that you have learned?

    15. Do you study in a quiet place that Is free from noisy disturbances?


    God! I really hate homework.