Resource of Links


    Thank you for visiting My Link page. Here you will find links to the websites we use in class as well as additional sites for you to visit.

    • Login Sites - here be webpages that require a password given by the teacher, please do not share the passwords given because some of them are personal
    • GREAT Practice Sites - take the take to PRACTICE YOUR FACTS and ARITHMETIC; also play some games that will help you with your math
    • Manipulative Sites - manipulatives are little programs that help you SEE the math, check them out!
    • Math Practice Site - some additional general math practice websites
    • Standards - The new national Common Core is being implemented starting in the 2012 school year
    • Junior Jeopardy Club - Here are links to various resources I have mentioned. This is a great place for enrichment.

    Disclaimer: as always, be safe online.