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    My name is Mr. Bergersen. I teach here at the Middle School working with the Math AIS students. I am lucky because I have worked with students in all three grades! I love my job because I am able to work with so many great teachers throughout this school. For more information on what "AIS" is check that part of my website. I also run the Academic Challenge Bowl club here at the Middle School. ACB is a great club, so check out its section on my site, too! This is my tenth year here at the Middle School and I am looking forward to another great school year! I thoroughly enjoy mathematics and share my enthusiasm in the classroom. I have high standards for my students and believe that they can achieve and improve greatly with a positive attitude and effort. I have always been a huge proponent of technology usage in the classroom. I use OneNote in all of my classes. All class information is located on the OneNote file and online!


    I grew up seventy or so miles to the west in a small city, North Tonawanda. It is about 10 miles north of Buffalo and about 10 miles south of Niagara Falls. After graduating high school I went to Geneseo for my Bachelor's degree where I majored in Mathematics with a Concentration in Adolescence Education and a History Minor. I spent my time there volunteering and joining various organizations. Two things that I really appreciate about the school is the people and the sunsets. Fellow students and the faculty really made the experience great. Looking over the Genesee valley at dusk you will see a great sunset. One thing I would have liked to do while at Geneseo was to go study abroad (I couldn't do that because of teaching...but was totally worth not doing because of where I am now). I absolutely love my school and all the great friends that I have met while there. I did not realize how many other teachers here also went to that school. Small world huh? While still in school, I worked as a substitute teacher for some of the surrounding school districts. Soon after that, I came to work here at GATES. GCMS has become my third home. 



    In my free time I like to visit with friends, listen to most kinds of music, follow a few of my favorite sports teams (GO BILLS GO SABRES), and try and learn new things. I enjoy to laugh and I usually get my funnys through friends, movies, television, shows, or comics (as seen below). As a pseudo-child of the internet age (I couldn't start using the internet until I was in 11th grade) I regularly check a few websites that center around sports, comics, music, video games, and the news. It is hard to list everything that I like quickly here but the best way to find out is to ASK!

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