Standards for the GC Graduate



    Communication 1:         Demonstrate effective comm. Skills of       reading, writing, speaking and listening

    Communication 2:         Demonstrate the competent use of communication and reasoning.

    Communication 3:         Acquire and gathering skills to communicate opinions, ideas and/or information.

    Communication 5:         Us current and emerging technologies to assist in communication.



    Critical Thinking 1:        Think creatively and critically in: planning, problem-solving researching, analyzing, evaluating.

    Critical Thinking 2:        Solve problems using reasoning skills, sound judgment and application of knowledge.



    Dynamics of Change 1:             Apply flexibility and open-mindedness to the demands and opportunities of a changing world.

    Dynamics of Change 2:             Demonstrate vision, curiosity, willingness to risk and persistence for adapting to and creating change.

    Dynamics of Change 3: Recognize technologies as a change agent.



    Global Perspective 1:    Acquire knowledge of the history of human progress.

    Global Perspective 7:    Demonstrate a responsibility for the preservation of a high quality environment.

    Global Perspective 8:    Demonstrate commitment to the wise use of resources.



    Interpersonal Development 1:    Demonstrate group process skills: committing to group goals, building consensus, negotiating, collaborating, coaching, recognizing and resolving conflicts, giving and taking feedback, contributing and facilitating team processes.

    Interpersonal Development 2:    Exhibit a cooperative attitude while working with others.



    Personal Development 7:          Manage fiscal, material and human resources.

    Personal Development 9:          Exhibit time management.

    Personal Development 10:        Demonstrate a positive work ethic.



    Social Responsibility 7:             Demonstrate an understanding of one’s relationship to his/her natural and social environment.

    Social Responsibility 8:             Understand the effect of technology on the humanities and the sciences.



    Vocational Development 2:       Demonstrate an appreciation for pride in a job well done.

    Vocational Development 3:       Use new and emerging technologies to foster personal, academic and career goals.