Middle School Technology Standards

  • Technology Course standards


    1-a.    Students will demonstrate comprehension that technological systems can have desired, undesired, expected or unexpected outputs.

    1-b.    Students will demonstrate knowledge that humans develop and control technology.

    1-c.    Students will be able to comprehend and apply ergonomics.




    2-a.    Students will demonstrate an awareness and respect for the outcomes of technological choices.




    3-a.    Students will be able to apply math and science concepts to technological problems through the design and construction of technological solutions.




    4-a.    Students will use electronic reference tools to retrieve, download, select and present pertinent information.




    5-a.    Students will demonstrate the skills necessary to transform raw materials into useful objects to solve human problems.




    6-a.    Students will demonstrate the ability to work with others, compromise and reach shared decisions.

    6-b.    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between individuals and society and interact with others in a positive manner.



    7-a.    Students will demonstrate comprehension that individual skills and personalities guide successful career choices.