What's happening now!

  • What's Up?

    Here's what is coming up in the near future:

    September is get to know you, us, and me.  

    You:  We will have a couple of things to do that will help both of us with that.  First, we have an Interest Inventory.  Then there will be spelling tests, Lexile computer assessment (to find the reading level you are at when silent reading), and possible a QRI (to find out what your reading level is at when you read outloud and possible areas of reading problems).

    Us:  Who are we in your small group?  This is easy to answer.  We will have introductions and a group activity.

    Me:  Additionally, we will go over my rules in our small group and my expectations of you as a student and a reader.

    October is getting to the spooky business of work!