Units of Study

  • On your adventure this year, you will encounter the following:

    *Caught Yadiscover the lives of Romeo and Juliet and their escapades as you humorously learn correct grammar and word usage.

    *Vocabulary - increase the power of your language as you enrich your word base with sophisticated vocabulary

    *Outside Reading Novels - each quarter you will be required to read one novel of your choice (each novel results in an individual project)

    *Light in the Forest - a classic adventure story of a frontier boy raised by Indians

    *Strange and Mysterious Happenings - become a super sleuth and solve intriguing mysteries  (vocabulary, short story elements, short story mystery writing)

    *The Hobbit - enter the world of fantasy and little people with hairy feet

    *Family Tree - using research methods discover who your ancestors are and develop a paper showing what you have learned

    *Looking at Values - examine character choice and consequence  (more short story elements, essay - compare/contrast)

    *Simulation Speech Unit- travel to the Land of Podium to regain your stolen land but only if you can give a convincing speech  

    *Tunes for Bears to Dance To - examine the world of prejudice, violence, and forgiveness

    *Slavery Talk Show and Brochure - take on the life of a real slave in history and create an anti-slavery brochure using the computer