• Poetry Corner 1
    Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy!

    On the Way to School

    by Charles Ghigna

    I'll tell you why I'm tardy

    And I hope my excuse will do.

    I stopped to view upon a leaf

    A spider and some dew.

    She spun a web before my eyes

    With a soft and silver hue,

    And when she looked, I looked at her

    And whispered, "Peekaboo!"

    I think I may have startled her

    And so I waved good-bye,

    But when I turned around to go, 
    I met a butterfly!

    I almost caught him in my hand

    To bring to class for you,

    But when I tried to peek inside,

    Away my treasure flew.

    And that is how I'm tardy,

    But I had to tell you why.

    It's all the fault of a spider's web

    And a sneaky butterfly.